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govWorks Executive Summary


March 2000

govWorks, Inc.

81 Franklin Street

New York, NY 10013

Office - 212.941.6900, Fax - 212.208.4472

E-mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


This Executive Summary is the property of govWorks, Inc. (herein “govWorks”, “govWorks”, or the "Company”) and is strictly confidential. It contains information intended only for the person to whom it is addressed, and is intended for evaluation purposes only, with no license to use the content or materials within. With receipt of this plan, recipient acknowledges and agrees that: i) in the event recipient does not wish to pursue this matter, this document will be returned, to the address listed above as soon as possible; ii) the recipient will not copy, fax, reproduce, divulge, or distribute this confidential plan, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of govWorks, Inc.; iii) all of the information herein will be treated as confidential material with no less care than that afforded to the addressee's own confidential material of the most sensitive nature; iv) information herein may constitute material non-public information as defined by the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and the legal responsibility for its use is borne solely by the recipient. This document in no way constitutes an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to purchase.

For more information, please contact José E. Feliciano at the above address.

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In 1998, the total market for payments from citizens and businesses to local government was over $600 billion, roughly 15% larger than the total consumer-to-business U.S. hard-goods retail market.  govWorks facilitates interaction between consumers, businesses and governments with a proprietary suite of Internet-based applications (the “Network”). govWorks offers these products through a consumer-branded portal(s), co-branded and “Powered By” solutions, and on a private-label basis.

The creation of this transactional engine, along with key informational and communications tools, positions govWorks as the national leader in the e-government space. Through its equity partnership with leading systems integration firm Sapient Corporation and leading content management firm Vignette Corporation, together with other partnerships, govWorks connects consumers, businesses, and governments via a flexible, Web-based vertical solution for i) transactional, ii) communications, and iii) informational flow in the public sector.  First, the govWorks Network offers transactional interaction, providing a convenient, secure and cost-effective way for funds to be exchanged between citizens and businesses and governments for municipal services, fines, taxes, permits, auctions, jobs and so forth.  Complementing the various transactional interactions that occur between municipal agencies and their constituents, govWorks offers premium informational and communications interaction, including such services as community calendars, message boards and civic chats on issues relating to local government, a municipal directory and contact information, interactive candidate descriptions, surveys on local as well as national issues, and streaming audio and video.  govWorks has launched the Payments module together with Taxes, Auctions, Jobs, Campaign Videos, the Government Directory, Government FAQs, Your Calendar and Civic Chat, and intends to phase in the other modules over the next several months leading to an early March hard launch.  The complete Network is represented below.

Exhibit 1 – Schematic of the govWorks Network


  • Civics 101
  • Campaign Videos
  • Government Calendar
  • Government Officials


  • Community Stories
  • Non-Profit Directory
  • Local Candidate


  • Natural language

government search

govWorks is building a single point of entry site with three different portals to facilitate any interaction with government and the public sector.  Consumers, businesses and governments will be able to transact and interact on the govWorks site through a suite of portals tailored to each group’s specific requirements.  The three portal models target interaction between consumers and governments (C2G), between businesses and governments (B2G), and among governments (G2G).

Exhibit 2 – Multi-Portal Strategy

govWorks’ customers include consumers, businesses and governments.  While municipal buy-in is not required for the govWorks consumer portal, the Company seeks to connect with governments and values governments as key partners and customers.  In order facilitate interaction within the public sector, govWorks works with other Internet portals, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), government service providers such as lockbox services and traditional system integrators, government associations and governments themselves.

In addition to these three portals that are in development, govWorks offers a suite of solutions designed to meet the various needs of this market space.  The Company has also formed a strategic partnership with ClickThings that will allow governments to create their own Web sites from a toolbox supplied and hosted by govWorks and ClickThings.  Due to the varied landscape and needs of this space, govWorks believes that flexible and scalable Internet options are necessary to attract and retain clients.

Network Architecture

govWorks is building its Web site using a combination of technologies designed to rapidly develop a highly scaleable and flexible application.  The core three-tier architecture uses Vignette's StoryServer for the presentation layer leveraging its robust caching, personalization, and content management technologies.  The middle layer of the govWorks solution uses COM and the Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) to access the Oracle database running on Sun Solaris.  The modular nature of the govWorks architecture allows the Company to quickly deploy new modules and update the technologies as necessary.

govWorks has partnered with a number of technology firms to deliver specialized functionality including iCheck, CyberSource, and Chase Merchant Services for payment processing, Moai for its auction hosting, and others best-of-breed solutions.  A core future feature of the govWorks Network will include natural language processing, which the Company is developing in conjunction with EasyAsk.  The Company continues to identify key technology partners and to initiate high-level conversation with many industry leaders in order to determine the optimal structure for its core architecture.

Strategic Partnerships

Marketing Partnerships


govWorks and American Management Systems (AMS) have signed a broad co-marketing alliance to support the build-out of the govWorks network and the growing government, business and consumer demand for e-government solutions.  AMS is one of the 20 largest international business and information technology consulting firms and a premier provider of next generation enterprise business and technology solutions.  The Partnership enables govWorks and AMS to offer a complete set of end-to-end Internet solutions to state and local governments, thus enabling consumers’ and businesses ability to conduct transactions with governments online through a seamless and integrated electronic transfer of funds and information.  AMS and govWorks will focus on state and local governments with populations greater than 100,000 and will market the govWorks solution to AMS’ 300 existing state and local customers.  The two will also engage in a joint product development strategy and will co-develop middle ware to effectively integrate the e-government solutions in to existing systems.  AMS is making an investment of between $5-$10 million in govWorks upcoming rounds of financing.

Technology Partnerships


govWorks and the Sapient Corporation (ticker: SAPE) have signed a broad co-marketing alliance to support the build-out of the govWorks solution. Sapient, one of the fastest growing systems integration and Web development companies in the world, with 1999 revenues of $276 million and a current market capitalization of $4.5 billion (2/21/00), is widely viewed as an industry leader, and was recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of the "10 [Businesses] to Watch." Its Public Sector Group, which comprises local government services, has been a critical component of the company’s success and currently represents a significant percentage of the company's total revenues and employees. As part of the joint venture, the several hundred-strong Sapient sales force markets govWorks as its e-government solution to its existing and prospective public sector clients, and works together with govWorks to jointly identify additional target clients. govWorks has also successfully negotiated a two-way revenue sharing agreement with Sapient, based on sales leads generated by each corporate partner. Sapient made a $500,000 cash investment in govWorks, their first such cash investment. The relationship with Sapient brings in 40+ Sapient web architects and systems engineers onto the product development team, “plugs in” a superlative existing municipal sales force, and allows govWorks to focus on its strategic and business development as well as its consumer-branded interface. At the same time, it is positive for Sapient, adding a best-of-breed online transactional interface to its existing menu of public sector services.  J. Stuart Moore, Sapient’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, is a member of govWorks’ Board of Directors.


govWorks has joined forces with Vignette, a market leader in building E-Relationships that provides comprehensive solutions for companies that build businesses online. More than 225 global companies, including First Union National Bank, US West, National Semiconductor, DaimlerChrysler, Nokia, Qualcomm, CNET, Bertelsmann and Ziff-Davis' ZDNet, use Vignette solutions as part of their online strategy.  Through this partnership, new modules and additional municipalities can quickly and easily are added to the govWorks Network.  Vignette’s partnership with E-Docs and its recently announced alliance with IBM suggest further ways for govWorks and Vignette to work in concert to address to local government market.


Virage is the recognized market leader in video and image search software. Virage products enable organizations to get a handle on the terabytes of video and image content they own. For govWorks, Virage will be indexing any video content (e.g., town hall meetings) and creating a searchable database of this content.   C-SPAN’s Road to the White House presidential election coverage, for which Virage holds a distribution license via its software, will also be available on the govWorks site.

Payment Processing Partnerships

Chase Merchant Services

Chase Merchant Services provides the settlement services that electronically route credit card payments directly into the municipal bank accounts and into the govWorks account for receipt of convenience fees. The Company’s special arrangements with Chase Merchant Services allow govWorks to be charged for all credit card processing fees for both our convenience fees and government payments. This preserves the integrity of the direct transfer of full payment to the local government.

Chase Manhattan Bank

Chase Manhattan Bank provides the Company with a Controlled Disbursement account to which credit card transactions terminate when physical mailed checks to municipalities must be used.  I-Check then uses this specially protected account as the source for the mailed checks.


Cybersouce is a leading developer and provider of real-time e-Commerce transaction services. The company provides a suite of secure and reliable e-commerce services, including payment processing, global tax calculation, Internet fraud screening, distribution control and fulfillment messaging. CyberSource has worked with over 600 merchants, including Amazon.com, Beyond.com, BUY.COM, Casio, Compaq Computer, Egghead.com, Nike.com, Remedy and Shopping.com. govWorks will use CyberSource capabilities on the Payments module in order to offer to consumers the most effective and secure transaction processing services.


I-Check is used to process transactions from customers' checking accounts and also provides fraud prevention routines during online real-time check validation.  I-Check provides both electronic, direct transfer of funds to municipal bank accounts and to the govWorks account for receipt of convenience fees, and also physical mailed checks to municipalities for which govWorks cannot yet make electronic funds and data transfers. The Company’s arrangement with I-Check is also to charge govWorks for all processing fees thus preserving the integrity of the direct transfer of full payment to local governments.

Product Partnerships


Moai is the market leader in dynamic commerce solutions for the Internet. Moai provides companies with the technology and services for customized online auctions and trading exchanges.  The company’s LiveExchange solutions allow companies to create public or private auctions and trading exchanges for the business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer marketplaces.  Moai’s portfolio of solutions addresses the different market requirements of enterprise companies, dot-coms and application service providers.  govWorks has partnered with Moai to build the only government auctions platform and intends to roll out this dynamic marketplace at the end of the first quarter of 2000.

Database Partnerships

Carroll Publishing

govWorks and Carroll Publishing have partnered to offer citizens nationwide access to a comprehensive database of government employee contact information. Carroll Publishing produces the most frequently updated information on over 200,000 government officials and key staff at the federal, state and local levels.

Customer Incentive Program Partnerships

The Customer Incentive Program (CIP) is an important part of the govPay module. It will allow customers to “pay less” for their transaction by participating in various offers or by providing information to affiliated companies.  These offers and questionnaires will be from partners that include long distance carriers, credit card companies and other firms with high customer acquisition costs. The participating companies will in turn reward govWorks for attracting customers and for gathering customer profiles. govWorks has negotiated partnerships with LendingTree.com, MortgageIT, US News, Fast Company and Money Magazine.  The Company is finalizing CIP agreements with InsWeb (an insurance service), Essential Long Distance Service (a subsidiary of Quest) and Citibank Click Credit Card.

Business Development Partnerships/Acquisitions

Jobs in Government

govWorks acquired Jobs in Government, a California-based web site that aggregates and publishes job listings for the public sector.  This company has worked with over 1,000 municipalities and lists an average of 300 jobs on its web site.  Jobs in Government will act initially as a sister site link from the govWorks home page and will be fully integrated as the Government Jobs module by the March hard launch.  The founder of Jobs in Government has joined the govWorks team and is playing an integral role in the growth of the Government Jobs module.


In addition to acquiring Jobs in Government, govWorks has also acquired GovAuctions.com, a government auctions listing web site.  GovAuctions.com has the most comprehensive on-line directory of upcoming auctions, dates and locations, as well as itemized listings when available.  The site currently lists over 4,000 government auctions items.  The acquisition was structured as a Web site assignment, where assets including the domain names, intellectual property and trademarks will be transferred to govWorks.  The current subscriber database will be used as a source for focus groups and customer research, and the existing customer service logs, dating back almost 2 years, will serve as a warehouse of knowledge for enhancing the module’s business plan.

Orange Internet Commerce

govWorks has acquired the government auctions property, egovbiz.com, and any government contracts associated with this property, from Orange Internet Commerce, a subsidiary of Orange Technologies Inc.  Orange Technologies is a global provider of information technology solutions to both the federal government and commercial clients.  The egovbiz.com system is built upon secure and reliable e-commerce tools that provide several common auctions and support various funds transfer options.  Because there are unique regulatory aspects to local government property disposition, the system is customized to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers.  Through this acquisition, govWorks will become the leading government auctions information and services provider on the Internet.


ClickThings partners with leading organizations to offer organizations the ability to create a professional, customizable and comprehensive Web site solution with full e-commerce capabilities that is easy to manage and at no cost to the Web site owner.  govWorks is partnering with ClickThings to offer a Web site toolkit to its municipal clients that includes the govWorks offerings with the ClickThings site construction tools.  The Web site solution offers a simple point-and-click interface that enables non-technical users to easily establish, edit and manage content as well as full e-commerce capabilities.  These Web sites will be co-hosted by ClickThings and govWorks.

Government Affairs Alliances

In addition to the numerous strategic business partnerships, the Company also sought the support of key national government associations, including the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) and the International City/County Management Association, and has also gained their sales channels and sponsorships for the govWorks.com e-government solution.

Community Development Partnerships

govWorks’ Management Team strongly believes in "making good by doing good." Through the "Community Commitment" program and the govWorks Foundation, the Company will channel a percentage of all revenues generated from convenience fees back into the local communities from which these were derived. The Community Commitment model will help local communities by harnessing the power of technology to increase educational opportunity and promote the Company and its affiliates by enhancing their corporate images.

govWorks has joined forces with Junior Achievement of New York, United Way of New York, the Hispanic Federation, the Lawyers’ Alliance for New York and the SYDA Foundation. The Company is also working closely with Jumpstart. These non-profits will participate in the Community Commitment Program and will also be listed in the Nonprofit Organizations module.

govWorks Strategy and Timeline

govWorks and Sapient are currently developing the Network workflow, architecture, and user interface.  The Company had a late October “soft” launch.  This soft launch was a quiet, commercial beta with no concomitant advertising and includes limited, nationwide functionality that was accessible through a password.  The password was removed in early January.  Next steps include an early March “hard” launch, which will feature increased nationwide access on the Network and a national brand awareness campaign. govWorks recognizes that one of its key challenges will be to rapidly grow the base of government and business partners.  This will require a substantial sales effort on the one hand and an equally ambitious strategic effort on the other.  The next several months will be critical to truly realizing the Company’s strategic plan.

Exhibit 3 – Product Development Timeline

Competitive Landscape & Opportunities

Actual and potential competitors in this massive space can be classified into two segments, local governments and private companies.

Local Governments. Of the more than 87,000 state and local governments in the U.S., there are several cities, counties and states with some type of Web-based payment or transaction system available.  Most of these sites target a very specific area or transaction and do not encompass a larger suite of payments, as is intended by govWorks.  These include Seattle (parking tickets), San Diego (property taxes), Massachusetts (vehicle registration renewals, permits and licenses) and Georgia (hunting and fishing permits).  Many other governments will choose to outsource back-end functionality and payment processing to a nationwide provider such as govWorks in order to assure a high level of service and limit capital investment.  Access to a national constituency, critical for certain applications (auctions, jobs, merchandise, etc.), should also encourage governments to adopt a broader solution.

Private Companies. In what is a highly fragmented market, there are many companies that provide Web-related services to state and local governments.  The private company competitive landscape includes traditional IT consultants, Government Application Services Providers (ASPs), Government Information Communities and e-Government enablers.  All four types of companies vary widely in their approaches to the nascent e-government space.

National Information Consortium (NIC), which develops Web sites for mostly midwestern states and some cities, follows an ASP model.  NIC offers governments a suite of off-the-shelf solutions and value-added integration assistance, but the company’s business model is dependent upon long legislative and procurement cycles.  Ninety percent of its revenues are derived from database sales and sixty percent of last year’s $50 million in revenue was derived from data sales to just one vendor.  The valuation ascribed to NIC validates both the market's appetite for the "unsexy" government Internet space and also the huge opportunity in database sales for the type of localized information the Company will be able to collect.  This company recently announced a partnership with Oracle and has indicated its active pursuit of the local government space.

ezgov has launched a portal site that allows constituents of DeKalb County, GA, California, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey (in specific cities in these states) to pay parking tickets.  They plan to offer their services nationwide and are pursuing a model similar to the original govWorks model of creating a consumer-branded portal.   The company also plans to enter the ASP marketplace, but has not made any indication of entering the business to government space or the government to government space.

Official Payments Corporation allows for the payment of income taxes, parking violations and property taxes in some states and municipalities through an IVR (telephone) interface. Official Payments Corporation is adding an on-line interface. Tom Evans, former CEO of GeoCities, was named CEO of Official Payments Corporation. The company has completed its public offering and is currently valued at over $800 million (2/21/00).

An additional competitor based in Florida, Link2Gov, has developed and hosts, or is in the process of developing, e-government web sites for government agencies in Alabama, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Florida and Washington.  The company was previously an operating unit of iXL Enterprises, Inc.  Link2Gov has recently acquired G-Link Corporation, a leading provider of telephony and Web-based government systems (IVR systems).  The company plans to offer consumer to government and business to government solutions.

In addition to these companies, traditional government IT consultants, including companies like EDS, Cisco Systems, IBM, ADP, AMS, Andersen Consulting and Lockheed Martin (through Governlink) that currently do significant IT work with some of the larger local governments, are also on govWorks’ radar screen.  IBM runs an Institute for Electronic Government and has announced its plan to create a portal in the space.  govWorks is in the process of initiating conversations with many of these groups in order to form co-marketing partnerships or strategic alliances.  govWorks would act as an ideal front-end solution for many of these traditional systems integrators, who focus mainly on the back-end technology of government systems and who do not have the money allocated to marketing the Web site to the government’s constituents.

The Company is aware of local content and informational sites such as MyCity.com and Citiquest that are currently targeting the local community space and is exploring partnership possibilities with similar companies.  It is also conceivable that strong locally focused Web sites such as CitySearch.com, Sidewalk.com or Digital City (AOL) may be interested in implementing at least part of govWorks’ business model.

The Revenue Model

govWorks revenues to date have been generated from a number of sources including:

  • Convenience fees in the Payments product.  The convenience fee model is similar to the revenue models followed by TicketMaster, MoviePhone and IVR (Integrated Voice Response) systems like Official Payments Corporation.  govWorks charges a minimal convenience fee to the end user for payment of parking tickets, utility bills and property taxes.

  • Subscription fees in the Jobs in Government and Government Auctions products.  Following the popular monster.com and hotjobs.com jobs model, the Jobs in Government product charges governments a per listing fee.  End users are charged a subscription fee to receive the most complete listing of government auctions throughout the U.S.

  • Customer acquisition fees in the govRewards product.  Users making a payment for a parking ticket will be invited to receive a credit for filling out a credit card application or for receiving a trial issue of a magazine.  govWorks receives a “customer acquisition” fee from the affiliate company and passes a portion of this fee on to the end user.  Priceline.com has received significant revenues from this model.

govWorks is in the process of building a dynamic auction platform based on a Moai platform.  The Company expects to receive significant revenues from this module when the live government auctions module is launched in the second quarter of 2000.  Through the govRewards program, the Company derives revenues by helping other companies acquire new customers.

govWorks also expects to realize significant revenues from revenue sharing with the participating governments, advertising and sponsorships, content and database sales, additional government services, referral fees and international joint ventures.

The flexible product packaging and govWorks aggressive traffic-driving strategy via portals, ISPs, lockboxes, municipal associations and local governments create additional funds flow to govWorks.  In summary, the govWorks revenue model is more robust that most traditional Internet models and is not dependent on one single stream of funds.

Financing Strategy

The Company was financed for the first five months from Founders’ equity. In mid-March, govWorks launched a seed round of financing (Series A Convertible Preferred) to support prototyping and test marketing for three of the govPay applications (parking violations, utilities bills and property taxes). The Company received over $4.5 million in demand in this seed round, and, in the end, chose to sell only $705,000 of equity to assure minimum working capital.  Between the Series A and Series B rounds of financing, there were several materially positive developments for govWorks, including increased receptivity of the govWorks solution by municipal clients, the formation of the Sapient partnership, and the expansion of a talented employee base. In the Series B round of financing that the Company closed in October 1999, govWorks raised an excess of $18 million from institutional investors, including Mayfield Fund, Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts, New York City Investment Fund, Hearst New Media, Sapient Corporation and Vignette Corporation.  govWorks recently completed a convertible debt round of financing in which the company raised approximately $25 million.   Most of this amount will convert into the next equity round of financing, which govWorks is currently pursuing through a leading private placement agent.  The Company plans to use this capital for additional development of govWorks products, selected acquisitions and to launch a regional marketing and advertising efforts in select cities.

Board Of Directors

Kenneth Austin – Director of Legal Affairs and Business Development for govWorks. Former Secretary to   the Board and General Counsel of the National Urban League

Dina Dublon – Chief Financial Officer of Chase Manhattan Bank

Joel Hyatt – Founder of Hyatt Legal Services and Hyatt Legal Plans. Author of book “The Long Boom”. Stanford University Business School Professor

Kaleil D.  Isaza Tuzman – Chief Executive Officer of govWorks, Inc.

Maynard H. Jackson – Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Jackson Securities and former three-term Mayor of Atlanta

Henry Kravis – Founding partner of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company and Chairman of the New York City Investment Fund

Michael J. Levinthal – General Partner of Mayfield Fund

J. Stuart Moore - Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Sapient Corporation

Public Sector Board of Advisors

David Carmel – President and Founder of JumpStart, a national non-profit focused on early childhood education

Deedee Corradini – Former Mayor of Salt Lake City (first female mayor of that city), past President of the US Conference of Mayors and present member of the US Olympic Committee

Paul Helmke – Former Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, former President of the US Conference of Mayors, past Committee Chair and Board member for the National League of Cities and former President of Republican Mayors and Local Officials

Catherine McLaughlin – Executive Director of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government

Federico Pena – Former US Secretary of Energy, former US Secretary of Transportation, former Mayor of Denver, past Colorado General Assembly member and present Senior Advisor at Vestar Capital

Charles Royer – Former three-term Mayor of Seattle, former Director of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and former President of the National League of Cities

Alan Simpson – Director of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, former US Senator from Wyoming and past member of the Wyoming House of Representatives

Bruce Todd – Former two-term Mayor of Austin and member of the Advisory Board of the United States Conference of Mayors

Private Sector Board of Advisors

Jonathan Bond – Co-Chairman of Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners

Salek Brodsky – Vice President of Business Development at Star Media Networks, Inc.

Peter Chung – General Partner of Summit Partners

Laurel Cutler – World famous strategist and futurist dedicated to forecasting consumer trends

Ashish Dhawan – Founder of Chrysalis Capital

Ric Fulop – President and Founder of Arepa

Daniel W. Hart – Managing Partner of Fundamental Capital

Tim Kirk – Vice President of Sales at Yantra Software

Michael Levy – Chairman and CEO, Sportsline.com

Gary Mueller - President and CEO of Internet Securities

Greg Peters – President and CEO of Vignette

Jeff Scruggs – Managing Director of PaineWebber

Isaac Sredni – Director of Premier Asset Management

Chris Williams – Founder and CTO of Valent Software

International Board of Advisors

Zev Furst – Founder of Garth-Furst, an international political consulting and strategic planning firm

Peter Kellner – Chairman of the Endeavor Foundation and Founder of Global Bridge Ventures, an incubator and venture capital fund for emerging market companies

Management Team Profiles

Kaleil D. Isaza Tuzman is the Chief Executive Officer and a Co-Founder of govWorks. Prior to his current role at govWorks, Kaleil worked as an Associate in the Risk Arbitrage Group at Goldman, Sachs & Co. At Goldman, he held a number of functions related to the Latin American markets, including mergers and acquisitions advisory, corporate finance, project finance, private equity and proprietary investments. Kaleil has broad marketing and valuation expertise, and has been directly involved in start-up companies in the network integration and data communications sectors. Kaleil graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a degree in Government and a master’s level degree in Latin American Studies. Kaleil is a Class Marshall for his university class. He also serves on several start-up technology company Boards and the Alumni Steering Committee of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a not-for profit organization that places minority college students in corporate summer internships.

Linda Morse is the VP of the Public Sector Group and brings with her over 20 years of experience in government and business initiatives.  Linda served from 1976 to 1999 as a Vice President of AMS, where she helped to build AMS into a billion-dollar, publicly traded company that has served leading corporations and organizations in the public and private sectors.  Prior to her work at AMS, Linda served as Assistant Provost of Columbia University and as the Assistant Dean of the Faculty and Assistant to the Provost at Princeton University.  She has a long record of demonstrated results in implementing and achieving innovative solutions and extensive management experience as well as a strategic understanding of the public sector.  Linda graduated magna cum laude from Goucher College with an MD. B.A. in Psychology.

Roy Burstin is the VP of Product Development and Management. Before joining the govWorks team, Roy worked as the Vice President of Business Development for Sky Latin America and as General Manager of Sky Latin America’s Colombia operations. Previously, he was a Corporate Analyst for Lehman Brothers in the Financial Restructuring Group. He has extensive experience in the development and launch process as well as in identifying potential partners and strategic alliances. Roy received his M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science and History from Amherst College.

Gregory Carson is the VP of Marketing and Creative Services.  Prior to joining the govWorks team, Gregory was the Founder and former CEO of Echolink. At this company, Gregory worked on digital strategies and development of Web sites for leading companies such as Gateway Computers, ZDTV, Sempra Energy, and many others.  It was in this role that he was named Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 1998. CNNfn has called him the “the top developer in California” and his comments have appeared in BusinessWeek, in which he was deemed “Tech-Savvy”. Gregory has given numerous speeches on e-commerce and how it integrates with real world marketing and online marketing. He additionally has served as a facilitator for the U.S. State Delegations for the Presidential Mentoring Summit in Philadelphia. Gregory studied Computer Science and Sociology at the University of California at San Diego.  Gregory is also a participant in the Birthing of Giants program at MIT.

José E. Feliciano is the VP who leads the Finance, Administration and Operations group.  José is also in charge of capital raising and financing for govWorks.  He brings to govWorks an extensive background in finance and business administration.  He spent several years with Goldman Sachs in the Corporate Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions departments. More recently, José worked with Explorador Capital Management and the Latin American Enterprise Capital Corporation as a private equity investor.  He received his M.B.A. from Stanford University and graduated magna cum laude with a B.S.E. in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.

Julian Herbstein is the VP of Corporate Development for govWorks and also spearheads the Company’s international development. He was previously Manager of Business Development at Sky Latin America, a News Corp. direct-to-home satellite television company based in Miami. Prior to that, he spent two years in the international mergers and acquisitions group at Lazard Frères in New York. Julian has also worked with The Monitor Company's Competitive Advantage of Nations group in Peru, written speeches for ex-Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari when NAFTA was being debated in 1993, and, most recently, played a key role as a strategic consultant for an e-commerce venture in the art and art framing space. Julian graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a degree in Government.

Thomas J. Herman is the Chief Technology Officer and a Co-Founder of govWorks. Tom previously served as a Senior Web Architect for TVisions, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a leading Web design firm specializing in business solutions. He has also served as the Executive Producer for Arepa Inc., an e-commerce software leasing company, also based in Cambridge. Tom has extensive experience in Internet-based database interfaces, e-commerce solutions, content management solutions, on-line catalogs and project management. Tom graduated from Bates College with a degree in Psychology and Computer Science.

George C. Fatheree, III is a Co-Founder of govWorks and the VP of Community Development within the Public Sector Group. George brings a corporate background in strategy development, market assessment and entry, program management and project implementation. George previously worked as a member of Booz·Allen & Hamilton’s Communications, Media & Technology Practice where he advised several of the firms clients on issues related to e-commerce and business-to-business internet applications. He has worked extensively in Latin America, both on capital markets transactions for leading municipalities and on privatizations of Latin American telecommunications companies. He also worked in government for the State Assembly in his native California. George graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a degree in Government and International Relations.

Salvatore Salamone is Executive Director of Public Sector and brings with him over twenty-five years of both public and private enterprise experience focused on deploying information technology to support and change the business activities of government.  He served as the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Information Technology Management, redirecting and refocusing New York City’s commitment to information technology.  As a skilled project manager and business analyst, Mr. Salamone oversaw the development of numerous strategic plans for the deployment of information technology for the New York City Transit Police, the NYC Board of Elections, the NYC Building Department, the Campaign Finance Board and the NYC Purchasing Department.  Currently, he is providing strategic state and local government marketing consulting to many information technology providers including Netscape, Peoplesoft, Cisco, Dell Computer and Sun Microsystems.

Arnold J. Lieberman is an Executive Vice President at govWorks.  He brings a vast array of relevant knowledge to govWorks, with over eight years work experience in Corporate Strategy Development for Chase Manhattan Bank and another nine years of operational and strategic planning with GTE.  Arnold most recently worked at NCR where he was the Director of Strategy Development and was also responsible for NCR’s Financial Services Group’s three-year strategic plan development.  He received a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Stanford University and holds a Masters of Science in Industrial Administration from Carnegie-Mellon University.

David S. Camp leads the Corporate Marketing effort for govWorks. He brings a corporate background in brand building and advertising, and is broadly experienced in strategic development, corporate communications and traditional marketing methods. David worked previously as a branding consultant for Landor Associates, a leading corporate identity consultancy, and was also an account executive at Saatchi and Saatchi, a premier advertising company based out of New York. David graduated cum laude from Brown University with a degree in Political Science.

Patricia L. Burke is the Senior Project Manager in charge of Web site production and support for govWorks. She is responsible for coordinating technical resources, working as a liaison between production and business development teams, and managing the development of the Company Web site. Before joining govWorks, Tricia was Systems Support Manager for Investment Management Services Inc., which provides trade support and fund administration services to investment managers and asset management organizations. She installed, administered and maintained computer networks and intranet servers for the company as well as its clients. Tricia received a B.A. in Psychology from American University.

Jonathan S. Agus is the head of Direct Sales for govWorks. He has extensive experience in retail operations, management and sales and in growing large retail business chains. Jonathan was the youngest franchisee in the history of Roy Rogers and managed two successful Roy Rogers restaurants in New York City.  Jonathan served as the Vice President of Merchandising for Pearl Carpet where he opened a number of branch offices and negotiated contracts with many of the company's largest accounts. Jonathan also served as Vice President of Operations for a major home decorating chain in New York, where he was responsible for 52 retail outlets. Jonathan graduated from New York University where he served as Vice President of the Jewish Federation.

govWorks Investment Highlights

ü  E-Government Leadership govWorks launched the first ever consumer-branded direct online link to local government.  The govWorks network includes an online payment engine, with information for over 2,000 local governments, auction information for over 800 localities, and jobs listings for over 350 municipalities.  govWorks is strategically positioning itself as the leader in the e-government space.

ü  Undisputed Value Proposition govWorks’ Network makes public sector interactions more convenient for citizens and businesses, enhances the image of local government, drastically reduces processing costs and enhances fiscal revenue. The market space is enormous and competition is highly fragmented. Capturing even a small fragment of the market in a few municipalities will give the Company significant revenues and cash flow.

ü  Strategic Partnerships Through the Sapient partnership, govWorks has retained a best of breed systems integration and Web development firm. The partnership allows govWorks to leverage Sapient's successful track record and prominent reputation in the government information technology sector.  In addition, the co-marketing agreement with Sapient gives govWorks immediate access to a well-trained sales force and allows it to quickly penetrate major city and county targets.  The additional key partnerships in Technology, Payment Processing, the Customer Incentive Program and Government Affairs allow govWorks to leverage incredible resources and networks.  Each partner is a recognized and respected industry or community leader.

ü  Robust Revenue Model govWorks expects to receive significant revenue from six sources.  In addition to the traditional Internet advertising revenues, the company will realize revenues from convenience fees, the Customer Incentive Program, auction hosting and subscription fees, job postings, content sales and government value-added services.  This compelling revenue model ensures govWorks success.

ü  Strong Management Team The Company is comprised of a talented team of over 100 professionals with experience in Internet services, database engineering, graphic interface design, government, finance, business development and marketing. govWorks has thus far built experienced Boards of Directors and Advisors, both of which will guide the Company in building its business and expanding government relationships.

ü  Community Partnerships The Company's overall attitude towards supporting the local communities in which it does business and its commitment to channeling funds back into local schools will help it establish a powerful brand image nationwide. In addition, partnerships with the National Urban League and other nationally focused, locally based organizations such as the National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the International City & County Managers’ Association will provide quick and powerful access to local governments and help expedite the adoption of govWorks’ solution at the grass roots level.

ü  International Opportunity govWorks intends to partner with leading international companies in order to export the concept of e-government.  The company’s main focus will remain the U.S. market, but govWorks realizes the significant potential of the global e-government opportunity.


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